The Humble Origins of Our Name

The Humble Origins of Our Name: Creme Brew Lait

[ “crem-bru-lay” ]

Where did our name come from? Funny you should ask, we would love to tell you. It all started in the kitchen one night, December of 2021. We needed a name that was unlike any coffee shop that ever existed. That was harder than we expected and we had our work cut out for us. We sorted through many, many names. It couldn’t be just anything, it had to ring true to our roots while also giving us something to grow into. 

We happened to be eating crème brûlée that night (the famous French custard) and after all else failed we looked down at our dessert. Suddenly we could see it – a coffee shop associated with rich flavor and decadent sophistication. But with a twist, something a bit more caffeinated…

“Creme Brew Lait”.

Crème: fr. n, cream
Brew: en. synonym; coffee
Lait: fr. n, milk

The name stuck, and here we are today.

The Creme Brew Lait team

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