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It all started in Alaska, where nearly every street corner features a unique drive-through coffee shop. Although coffee is essential to the very core of Alaskan culture, the very best coffee is a rare and valuable treasure.

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Enter Genesis Coffee Lab

With connections to coffee farming communities deep within the heart of Ethiopia, Genesis Coffee has been building relationship with Ethiopian coffee farmers for years and brought directly sourced award winning coffee beans from Ethiopia to Alaska with the intention of creating a coffee revival. [Coffee is as important to Ethiopians as Football is to Alabamians.] Read more about Genesis Coffee Lab here!

We could taste the integrity.

After moving to Madison-Huntsville area in February of 2021 (learn more about us here), we decided that Alabama should experience the best coffee we’ve ever tasted.

Crème Brew Lait was born December of 2021 in a frenzied attempt to find a name that one of the millions of other coffee shops had not already claimed. We were eating crème brulee that night, and maybe it was the rich flavor and culture of sophistication that struck a chord and resonated with our caffeinated entrepreneurial endeavors. The name stuck. 

Crème: fr. n, cream
Brew: en. synonym; coffee
Lait: fr. n, milk

Our Mission is to bring old world charm to your personalized coffee experience and to showcase the rich history and flavor of coffee through 1.) quality ingredients, 2.) advanced technology, and 3.) deliberate processes.

We bought a piece of land on the corner of Gillespie and Wall-Triana and over the summer we built a drive-through coffee shop of our very own. Crème Brew Lait’s estimated opening date is late November. Meanwhile, we are busy finalizing recipes and finishing the interior of our building in anticipation for Creme Brew Lait’s official launch.

We had to wait a while on the final health inspection and CO from the City of Madison. Employee training and our soft opening were scheduled to happen the week after Thanksgiving, but got delayed due to holidays.

Creme Brew Lait obtained a business license and operating permits and was able to proceed with a soft opening! We are only opening from 6AM – 2PM while still in the process of working out scheduling and operations details. But we want to thank all of our wonderful customers for the continued encouragement and support as we build Creme Brew Lait from the ground up! We couldn’t do it without you. Soon we will be open from 6AM – 6PM, monday through saturday.

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