Spicy Bear Latte

Spicy Bear Latte ingredients:Espresso, honey, cinnamon, and a dash of cayenne syrup inspiration:cold weather introduced:January 9, 2023

Hazelnut Toffee Crunch Cold Brew

Hazelnut Toffee Crunch Cold Brew ingredients:Cold brew with hazelnut, and toffee crunch syrups. Topped with cold foam and raw sugar crystals. inspired by:one day we accidentally mixed hazelnut and toffee crunch syrups into the same bottle and were like “oops let’s just make it a special” birthday:January 3, 2023

The Creme Brew Lait Latte

Creme Brew Lait latte ingredients:A little vanilla, a little white chocolate & our secret Creme Brew Lait sauce that makes it rich and smooth and taste similar to the classic crème brûlée dessert. inspiration:our name introduced:January 1, 2023