Hispanic Heritage Month


Horchata Ingredients:Rice, soaked in water with cinnamon and vanilla, then blended, strained, and mixed with milk. Inspiration:Horchata is a popular Mexican drink. It’s a slightly nutty-flavored milk that’s equally sweet & refreshing. Use it as a base for espresso or chai, or order it on its own. Introduced:September 28, 2023 Have you tried it? If …

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Café de Olla

Café de Olla Ingredients:A pot of coffee brewed with cinnamon, star anise, cloves, a raw dark sugar called “piloncillo”, and an optional cayenne cold foam on top. Inspiration:A Mexican spiced coffee traditionally made in a clay pot — a drink that has warmed hearts and homes for many decades. Introduced:September 25, 2023 Have you tried …

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The Matcharita

The Spicy Matcharita — an adventurous mocktail made with lemon, lime, cayenne syrup, and matcha, and topped with a honey & tajin rim