Meet the Family

After living in Alaska for 25 years, Joel and Emily Florian needed a change of scenery (and warmer winters.) So they packed up their lives, moved to Alabama, and entered the world of real estate investing. Somewhere in the mix, their daughters convinced them to invest a coffee shop on an available piece of land close to their neighborhood. Thus Creme Brew Lait was born.

is the CEO and capital investor of Crème Brew Lait. He never buys coffee (hence the capital he has available to invest). He only drinks is when it’s free.

is the general manager. She fuels her approach to proactive administration with way too much coffee, all the time, in any form. But it must be good coffee. Cause she has really really high standards.

is the enthusiastic visionary who manages marketing, branding and design. She only drinks matcha and cold brew because she thinks she’s too unique and hipster for regular coffee. And also if she has too much coffee, she turns into like a hyperactive squirrel or something.