Espresso & Tonic (with brown sugar)

Espresso & Tonic (with brown sugar)

Our signature espresso, brown sugar (for sweetness), sparkling water, ice.

An adventurous drink to wrap up the summer, first introduced in 2007 in Sweden as “Kaffe and Tonic”. Tastes like a coffee-flavored root beer float.

August 28, 2023

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5 thoughts on “Espresso & Tonic (with brown sugar)”

  1. This was a really fun drink! I wasn’t sure that I would enjoy it, and when I got done I still wanted to add a little bit of cream to it which I probably should have asked for, but it was very flavorful!

  2. Of the drinks I tried over the summer this was the most surprising. The sparkling tonic definitely adds a new vibe to the espresso and perfect if your looking to mix things up.

  3. I would not have thought to put these ingredients together, but I’m glad the baristas at Creme Brew Lait did! It’s a refreshing way to enjoy espresso without a lot of extras. The bubbles were a nice sparkle to the smooth espresso roast. It’s sweet but not overly sweet to take away from the flavor of the coffee. It’s a great drink for a fun pick me up.

  4. I actually really liked this one, which took me by surprise. It’s like a light, coffee-flavored soda. Perfect for a hot day!

  5. This was an interesting combination! The fizz caught me off guard every time I took a sip. I would be curious to see how it tastes with other syrup combinations.

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