Vietnamese Coffee

Vietnamese Coffee

A traditional coffee drink made by brewing coffee over sweetened condensed milk. The result is a light & silky sweet coffee that can be served hot or over ice.

Our brewed coffee only stays hot for 3 hours. We introduced this drink as another way to enjoy our house coffee so we could cut back on waste.

August 7, 2023

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5 thoughts on “Vietnamese Coffee”

  1. Yes!!! This is good. Not bitter or too sweet, like I had tried at other places. You’re amazing! Thank you for offering this.

  2. THIS WAS SO GOOD! So sweet and creamy. I’m definitely going to be ordering this one again and again. It’s so simple yet so tasty.

  3. This was a creamy and sweet coffee. I can see the appeal of this combination. It was a bit too sweet for me but overall still a good morning coffee!

  4. Vietnamese coffee is always an easy go to, especially for people who don’t want a coffee that tastes like coffee. A very sweet coffee that stays sweet hot or iced. One of my favorites!

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