The Affogato (espresso & gelato)

The Affogato (espresso & gelato)

Our signature pistachio gelato with a shot of hot espresso.

The classic Italian espresso & gelato dessert with a pistachio twist

July 31, 2023

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5 thoughts on “The Affogato (espresso & gelato)”

  1. I would have asked for coffee over the gelato the week that you set out the gelato, but then I saw this on the list and thought I would wait because, to me there’s nothing more perfect than an affagato!!! You did well!!

  2. This was sooo good. It made me feel fancy 😂 I would have never though to mix espresso with such a sweet treat, but I’m sure glad someone did. My husband and I devoured it. I will say it’s very rich, so probably not for everyone but definitely something fun every now and then!

  3. I loved this for an afternoon treat! I had only wished the espresso had found it’s way all around the gelato. The bites with espresso were delicious.

  4. This is probably the best thing I’ve ever had! I love gelato, I love espresso, and the two flavors mix together to make a very sweet treat. I feel like I need to be on the Italian coast!

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