The Ocean Potion

The Ocean Potion Lotus

A refresher with Blue Lotus (by Lotus Plant Energy), coconut and vanilla syrups, sparkling water, and an optional dusting of edible glitter for that extra sparkle.

If you can’t be at the beach right now, at least you can dream about it.

July 17, 2023

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7 thoughts on “The Ocean Potion”

  1. Tentacles down (instead of hands down), This is our absolutely favorite drink in the family! Caffeine or not, it is the perfect beautiful balance of flavor. The edible glitter makes everything a wave of success!!! Beach please, we want one of these!!!

  2. I could probably have one of these every single day. It was literally that good. If only y’all didn’t have a million other delicious drinks too 😅

  3. Ocean Potion is a tasty summer drink. Bright flavor, with a sweetness that doesn’t feel sugary. Berry flavor & a fun glittery look pulls this drink together!

  4. This was my favorite of the lotus series of drinks. The coconut taste was great and as always, the fizziness was perfect!

  5. The Ocean Potion is really good! Coconut & vanilla are two of my favorite flavors, I’m pleased with this drink. Really refreshing too.

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