The Flower Power Lotus

The Flower Power Lotus

A refresher with White Lotus (by Lotus Plant Energy), lavender, orchid, and rose syrups, sparkling water, a splash of cream or coconut milk, and a dusting of dried lavender.

Peace, love, and flowers.

July 10, 2023

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11 thoughts on “The Flower Power Lotus”

  1. When I read the list of floral ingredients, I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy this or not. But, I was pleasantly surprised! It is a very light and not overpowering taste. I really enjoyed it! I also liked the fact that I was given the opportunity to have lavender buds on the top or not. Sometimes I can get too much of lavender and not enjoy things with it. It was a nice treat! We definitely would get this drink again.

  2. This drink was very delicious, the lavender added another fun flavor that I usually don’t get in drinks and was great for a summer time feel.

  3. I love anything lavender flavored and this was certainly no exception. I don’t do well with energy drinks so I had mine made with Italian soda but it was soooo good. Perfect for switching up a usual drink to something sweet and tasty 💜

  4. Tried the Flower Power drink because I love testing out different flavor profiles. It had an interesting mix of floral tones for a refreshing summer drink. It was a tad sweeter than I usually prefer but the unique mix of floral flavoring had me intrigued.

  5. This has a softer sweetness too it, but still a bright flavor. The subtlety of the coconut milk mixed with the lavender gives a light floral tone to a delicious drink. Understated and enjoyable.

  6. I wasn’t sure if I would like this drink with all of the floral flavors. It was actually pretty refreshing. The floral flavors were very subtle and made for a sweet and refreshing drink.

  7. One of the best non-coffee caffeine drinks I’ve ever had. I’m a big fan of lavender and this drink had just the perfect balance of sweet and floral. Will definitely be coming back for this one!

  8. Very refreshing and delicious! For me the Peach berry fizz is slightly better, as I got a bit of a sun tan lotion/coconut flavor. It was still very good to the last drop


  9. This drink is refreshing. No one flavor stood out, but it kind of tastes like a Sprite. But it’s not a bad drink.

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