Peach Berry Fizz

Peach Berry Fizz

A refresher with pink Lotus (by Lotus Plant Energy), peach and strawberry syrups, sparkling water, and topped with freeze-dried strawberries.

We needed a refreshing drink to get us through the July heatwave

July 3, 2023

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14 thoughts on “Peach Berry Fizz”

  1. Very fizzy and tart! The flavors were bold but well balanced. I would have enjoyed a bit more fizz and less fruit, but it is a good drink for the summer.

  2. Simply ✨amazing✨. That peach flavoring is spot on. Not too heavy, not too light, just the right amount to be refreshing and tasty.

  3. Drink was fabulous 👌 loved the peach flavor and perfect amount of fizz! Great caffeineated or not. Not a huge fan of the squishy strawberries on top but they made it super cute. Can’t wait for the next one!

  4. Ryean Stewart

    Really enjoyed this fruity drink! No fake sugar or weird after taste. Great for a summer pick me up treat!!

  5. Jessica Greene

    This drink is nice & refreshing. We opted for the caffeine option, and it was just the right amount of flavor.

  6. Peach Berry Fizz is a the perfect summer drink! Light and subtle berry sweetness with a summery fizz. The flavor is bright and refreshing.

  7. Love this!! Not too sweet and just the right amount of peach + berry! The “fizz” topped it all off!! So excited for the rest of the challenge!

  8. This drink is fantastic and refreshing. It’s like a better version of refresher with the kick of a Red Bull. Very flavorful.


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