Meet the Family

Where we came from

Creme Brew Lait was built by a family from Alaska with the dream to bring a Pacific-Northwest style coffee shop to Madison, AL. If you’re new to the story, the first (and only) location opened January 2023 at 5206 Wall Triana Hwy. However, the story began long before January. Little did the Florians know, it started in the many years spent living, working and playing in the last frontier, and passing little Alaskan drive-through coffee shops on street corners every single day.

It was as if all the little moments in their lives had been leading up to the present. Emily and Joel had previous experience with countless small business ventures. Alexi managed several different coffee shops over the course of several years. Sommer was working on her degree in Marketing and Economics.  

A change of scenery

After the Florians experienced several large life transitions and moved to Huntsville for a fresh start, Creme Brew Lait started brewing. Joel wanted an inspiring project to work on in his spare time. Emily wanted good coffee. Sommer wanted applicable job experience for her resume. Alexi wanted better management. 

A big project

Fast forward through a year of brainstorming, recipe tasting, problem solving, scheduling, building, permitting, (and most definitely some blood, sweat and tears), Joel finally had an inspiring project to work on in his spare time. At times it demanded nearly every spare second. Emily finally had good coffee. As much as she wanted, whenever she wanted. Sommer found herself in the middle of a fascinating and very consuming project for her resume. And Alexi found that her preferred style of management ended up being her own. 

Along the way, the Florians met many wonderful people who were very encouraging and supportive in the pursuit of Creme Brew Lait, and to which they very grateful. Creme Brew Lait wouldn’t be where it is today if it weren’t for the support of friends, family, and the wonderful customers.

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  1. So glad your in our neighborhood. As transplants from.Seattle we have tried several of the coffee shop drive throughs and once we tried yours YES its wonderful Our favorite.
    WELCOME TO Madison.

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